In 2011 I co-founded BigBig Bomb with a friend and former colleague from frog.

BigBig Bomb was a blend of agency work and self-funded projects. We quickly became specialized in iOS design and development with a focus on start-ups and new products.

Brian and I shared a core value of wanting to work on ideas that truly excited us. We also held a common desire to challenge ourselves to do something we had never done before; to take a risk and see what would happen. We collected our learnings from working at past agencies and combined it with a vision for what we wanted in our own.

In 3 years a team of 4 people worked on 7 new products. Each project was chosen based on a unique opportunity to solve a challenging problem with interaction design, visual design, and implementation. One of these projects was our own startup that turned into an entirely new company that went on to Silicon Valley.


On-premise wine, liquor, and beer sales in the form of a subscription-based service for restaurants with customizable branding and real-time order & inventory management.

Tastevin was our first big project and an opportunity to take an idea from inception to reality. We designed and implemented a custom back-end system to manage not only one of the largest beverage databases in the world, but also allow clients to administrate the unique needs of their restaurant. At the same time we designed and implemented a flexible iOS application that could meet the real-time wine list needs of a dynamic restaurant industry.


One of the goals of BigBig Bomb was to make our own products, in addition to working with clients. StackTrace was our first effort. We designed and built an iOS reader for the popular learning site, StackExchange.


Outbox was a start-up looking to disrupt the mail industry by offering people a digital-first mail box. We helped them create a design language for their application, and then provided them with the initial iOS prototypes.

Whole Foods

We worked with Whole Foods to design and implement their market explorer application. The goal of this project was to provide consumers with an engaging way to learn more about the foods they were buying and using.

Co-founder, business management, interaction design, visual design, development