iOS App

Working with FlightAware provided me a great opportunity to work with an existing product that had a large user base in a problem domain that was new to me – and all of the challenges inherent in that process.

After conducting initial research and competitive analysis, I moved on to interaction design, which led to establishing a new design language. The implementation phase included migrating the codebase from Objective C to Swift.


After shipping the updated iOS application, I worked with a new team to redesign the FlightAware website’s Flight Detail page. Since this view is the most heavily trafficked page on the site, the goal was to address issues identified during extensive user research and usability testing, then migrate the new design to the rest of the site over time.

I took the initial research and testing findings and used them to generate “living” wireframes. Using an application to produce responsive wireframes was beneficial in that we could all see how content and functionality would behave for different screen sizes in real-time. Once we finalized the information architecture and interaction design, I went through several iterations until the team was able to settle on a final design which I formalized into a style guide.

Interaction design, visual design, implementation, mobile lead